Company history

F.lli NORIO was born in 1959 as a manufacturer of small machines for the working of knives. The construction of these machine, among which we would like to recall the eccentric press for punching metals, grew steadily until the early eighties, when the company turned its attention to the precision mechanical working.

The company today

Today F.lli NORIO performs mechanical workings such as lathing, milling and grinding as well as working of single pieces or small and medium lots of components, for example rollers, rotors, shafts, gears, dies and various kinds of spare parts, working both for complete as well as partial supplies.

The company uses highly skilled labor, with years of experience in the field, as well as advanced machinery and high precision, high productivity equipment. Among these, there is a metrological room equipped with a measurement machine and with instruments necessary for any kind of dimensional check.

F.lli NORIO has been certified since year 2000, and today hold a ISO 9001:2015 Certification, which testifies to its reliability form both an organizational and qualitative point of view.

Over the years the company has always followed a policy based on customer satisfaction through continuous investment in new technology; this has led to the fact that F.lli NORIO is well-known for its flexibility, the quality of its products and the respect of delivery times, thus guaranteeing a reliable and competitive service.


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