The equipment Norio Fratelli uses is among the most advanced. These are some of our main machines.

Full equipment listing

Multi-Tasking (Lathing and Machining Centre)

Machine N. mac. ø max (mm) Lmax (mm) Y machining (mm)
OKUMA MULTUS U3000-2SW d.p. 1500 1 650 1500 250
OKUMA MULTUS B300 II 1 600 1000 150


Machine N. mac. ø max to turn (mm) Lmax workable (mm)
Lathe CNC Mori Seiki BIMANDRINO NL2500SY/700 with MOTORIZED TURRETS 1 366 700
Lathe CNC Mori Seiki SL-303BMC/1500 with MOTORIZED TURRETS 1 420 1560
Lathe CNC Mori Seiki SL-35 1 420 1500
Lathe CNC Mori Seiki SL-25 1 320 800
Lathe CNC Okuma LB 15 3 320 1000
Lathe CNC Menti 1 480 820
Centre Lathes with display 4 600 4000

Machining centres, Milling machines

Machine N. mac. Axles traverse (mm)
Machining centre DMU 50 3rd Generation a 5 Axis 1 650x520x475
Vertical-spindle machining centre CNC HAAS VF-3SS + CNC HAAS HRT210SPB rotary table 1+1 1016x508x635
Vertical-spindle machining centre CNC Bridgeport VMC 1000/30 + CNC rotary table 1+1 1020x510x500
CNC Milling Machine Fil 1 2000x750x1000
Milling Machine Labiena with display 1 800x400x500
Milling Machine Gualdoni with display 1 800x420x500
Boring and Milling Machine Tos with boring bar mm 110 and display 1 2000x1000x1000

Centring and Facing machines

Machine N. mac. ø max workable (mm) Lmax workable (mm)
Hydraulics Centring and Facing Machine with milling cutters WMW 1600 2 120 1600

Grinding machines

Machine N. mac. ø max workable (mm) Lmax workable (mm)
Grinding Machine cometa HMI 1200 1 360 1200
Grinding Machines Cometa H1000 2 360 1000

Testing machines

Machine N. mac. Axles traverse (mm)
JOHANSSON Measurement Machine 1 700x450x350


Name Type
Gibbs Cam CAD-CAM

Norio Fratelli also features:

  • a testing room with the above mentioned meaurement machines complete of all their tools, and many other instruments to measure and test all kind of machined parts;
  • other machine tools that are required to equip our firm: radial drill, hacksaw, wire welding machine, slotting machine, drills, etc.